These questions are aimed at the July 2019 event but many of our polices are the same at all venues. Please read the below as it may answer any concerns.

What time do you admit people?

Our convention is open from 10am-6pm. Ticket desks open at 9am each day.


You must bring your ticket and a piece of ID matching the name the order was placed under, we will then check ID, scan the ticket and issue a pass and wristband to each ticket holder. 

You MUST have both the ticket and wristband at all times for security reasons. 


Ticket desks will close at 3pm.

What will my ticket get me?

When you arrive at the venue you will exchange your ticket for a wristband, pass and information sheet.  This will get you admission to the convention Q&A sessions, the DraigCon Magic Market, any exhibitions and all other parts of the event! anything we have going on. Please note that some Q&A sessions will have a limited capacity and will operate on a first come first served basis.

Do you offer concessions or free passes?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any concessions at this event.

Do I need a ticket for my child?

Any children aged 5 years or under will be free and entry will be with the accompanying adult. Offer is limited to a maximum of two children per paying adult.  We also recommend any children under 12 years old attend with an accompanying adult. It will be a very busy event and we cannot accept responsibility for children. Children with free passes will not be entitled to any freebies that we give to ticket holders. 

Tickets say sold out online, can I buy tickets on the day?

Tickets must be purchased in advance. We do not sell on the door.  This is to prevent exceeding capacity and to adhere to health & safety. Please DO NOT turn up on the day hoping to pay on the door, you will be disappointed.

How will I receive my tickets?

All tickets are e-tickets with a unique barcode. These will be sent to your chosen email address. This will then be exchanged on the day for a wristband. We scan the barcode so either print your ticket or display it on a suitable phone display. Please do not share your ticket, once scanned it will be invalid. You may be asked for ID to show that you own the ticket.
I haven't received my ticket or I've lost my confirmation email. What should I do?

Please check your junk or spam mail folders as your email may have been automatically filtered there. If you are still having difficulties please email and the team will investigate.

Can I sell my tickets or get a refund?

We are unfortunately unable to transfer tickets. Like many conventions in the UK, tickets are not transferable and are non-refundable.


Do I need ID with my ticket?

You may be asked to provide ID to show you purchased the ticket.

Will anything change from what is advertised? 

On occasion organisers may have to make changes to the lineup/shows/attractions. However, if this happens a suitable replacement will be found. Organisers are constantly looking at adding more and more to the event.

Is it wheelchair and pushchair friendly?

The Printworks is comprised of multiple entertainment venues. The majority of areas are accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs, please contact the venue directly with any queries.
Which actors will be there?

Actors will be announced in stages. This is to keep the event exciting. We will announce new guests over the coming months.

Do I get to meet the actors?

Actors will be there to sign autographs and some will be taking part in photo sessions. If you wish to meet the actors we advise you purchase autographs with them. Actors will decide what they are charging and the cost is dependent on the actor. When getting your autograph, you may get to exchange a few words but if the queue is long you may have to be brief. All guest appearances are subject to professional commitments and may be subject to change.

Do I have to pay for autographs? Why?

Yes, you have to pay for autographs at all conventions. Each actor will set their price.

Whaaaaat?Do I have to queue?

Yes, queues are part of the convention scene. If there is a popular actor, people will have to queue. The length of the queue will depend on the popularity of the actor.  Signing times will be posted throughout the venue and sent in an email prior to the event. If you don't like to queue, just leave the line and come back when it’s quieter.

VIP ticket holders can queue jump where possible. 
You have Q&A panels and shows. Will I get to see these?

We are putting on these shows throughout the day. All will be slightly different. We are putting enough of these on to make sure everybody gets to see at least two shows. It is first come first served, so if you do miss a show, come back for the next.

Will there be somewhere to sit, relax and eat?

The Printworks contains multiple bars and restaurants however please be aware that it will be a busy weekend. Manchester City Centre contains many more places to eat within easy walking distance. 

Can I come dressed as a character?

We would be gutted if you didn't! We encourage this. How cool would it look to see thousands of wizards and witches? However, your geekiest t-shirt and comfy shoes will do. This event is themed around the Potter universe, so although other comic-cons see an almost unlimited supply of characters we would like to see themed characters for this event. If your creativeness means dressing up as Darth Vader in a Slytherin cloak and colours, who are we to stop you? ;-)

Do you have a weapons policy?

This may seem a strange one, but many conventions see people dress as characters that carry weapons. This is a Harry Potter fan convention so we will not allow replica weapons of any kind. If you bring a replica weapon you will be asked to leave and refused entrance. This is a strict policy. However, please bring a wand!

What is security like?

The Printworks management and tenant venues provide security personnel. We take security seriously and will use all resources available to ensure the event is as safe as possible.

Will I be searched?

We reserve the right to search anyone. Anyone refusing a search will not be allowed to enter the convention.

Is there a cloakroom?

Unfortunately there are no cloakroom facilities. We advise against bringing large bags.

Should I take cash or credit cards?

We will provide card payment facilities however technology is not always reliable. We advise on cash payment to ensure speed of transactions. There are ATMs within walking distance. 

Is there a smoking area?

Smoking is permitted outside The Printworks.

Can I bring my dog, he is really well behaved?

Sorry, no pets allowed. The list is not exhaustive but no owls, rats, cats, snakes, frogs, griffins, dragons, etc.

Management reserve the right to refuse admission. We do not tolerate abusive behaviour to staff or other visitors/fans. 

What is a convention?

Comic and fan conventions are hugely popular throughout the UK. Most consist of Cosplay (where people dress as their favourite characters), guest actors (autographs and photographs), market stalls and talks. They are essentially giant markets. Many people who haven’t attended a convention before can be either overwhelmed or underwhelmed depending on their expectations. Please take the time to look up conventions so you have an idea what to expect. Basically, this won’t be at the scale of WB Studios or Universal theme park, but it won’t be a large car boot sale either. We have some very exciting sets and props to theme the event that we hope every fan will appreciate and enjoy.


Are you GDRP compliant?

We have taken counsel and have done all we can to be GDPR compliant. Since GDPR came into force we completely deleted our database, announced this on social media and started from scratch. We only send marketing materials that are from us and relevant to us and sister companies and would never share information whether GDPR was in force or not. We do send all ticket holders relevant information as this is important to the event.  

Is this an official convention?

No, this is a convention for fans by fans.  This event will have actors and crew from the Harry Potter movies and other Harry Potter inspired attractions and events.  The event is organised by people who have organised many conventions and fan events. DraigCon is an independent Harry Potter fan convention. It is not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported directly or indirectly by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Harry Potter book publishers, or J.K. Rowling and her representatives.

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HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks and © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR.

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DraigCon is an independent  Harry Potter fan convention. It is not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported directly or indirectly by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Harry Potter book publishers, or J.K. Rowling and her representatives.

HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks and © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Harry Potter publishing Rights © JKR.